Small Group Leader Training

Equip your small group volunteers and leaders with the training that is right for them.


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Provide your small group leaders with the practical advice and encouragement they need, including the purpose of small groups, meeting time, discipleship, spiritual gifts, and evangelism.

Small Groups

Leading Group Discussions

Steve Gladen examines the basics of before, during, and after small group time such as preparation, the group meeting, group covenants, icebreakers, and discussion times. 

The Basics of Small Groups

Examines the roles of small group leaders and members, group types, and group sizes. Steve encourages involvement for everyone in the group, highlights important things to consider when forming a new group, and discusses the proper small group.

Preparing for a Small Group Meeting

Encourages small group leaders with preparation tips for group meetings, presenting five questions that group members may be asking, examining childcare practices, dealing with difficult theological questions, and more. 





Essentials of a Healthy Small Group

Steve Gladen explores five essentials of healthy small groups: worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. Gladen examines the practices of the early church, gives practical advice on cultivating a culture of evangelism and ministry, describes the importance of worship in the small group setting, and more. 

Caring for Small Group Members

To equip you to address the spiritual health in your small group, Steve Gladen examines ways to care for small group members, based in the Great Commission and the Great Commandment and including group studies, conflict management, handling difficult members, formal and informal meeting times, and more.

Challenges of Small Groups

Steve Gladen discusses common small group challenges, including talkative and non-talkative group members, serving as a group, personal evangelism, and reflective worship.





Recruiting and Developing Small Group Leaders

Steve Gladen provides ways to recruit, train, mentor, and develop small group leaders. He discusses practices to encourage and empower small group leaders and how best to cultivate an environment that continuously equips and assesses its leaders.

Leading a Small Group Ministry

Steve Gladen examines how to lead a small group ministry, including leadership, curriculum, and infrastructure pathways. 

Developing Your Small Groups Budget

Steve Gladen discusses how to develop a small group ministry budget. He addresses topics such as budgeting process, thinking critically and creatively, and impact for online small groups. 




Ministry Director

Small Group Training for Every Level

Whether you are looking to train your volunteers, leaders, or staff, we have the training and materials that will help fuel your ministry.

With a library of over 3,500 videos and 800 courses, find training for every ministry area and leadership level. From volunteers to leaders to ministry directors, our scope and sequence of training makes it easy to know who needs what training. And it is all customizable to fit your church’s context.

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"We use Ministry Grid for discipleship and leadership training. We offer our membership class, and it has become a highly valuable tool for us. I recommend it to every church leader I meet.

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"We can now deliver training digitally through a single platform, track how individuals are progressing, and make changes to curriculum as we go."

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