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Step into the classroom with leading pastors and educators for topics that include:

Grasp how to study the Bible and teach its truths to others.

Christ-Centered Expositionwith Tony Merida

Preaching as the responsible declaration of Christ in the Scriptures, by the Holy Spirit’s power, and for God’s glory.

Gain a basic understanding of the content of the New Testament so you can better understand the Word as you study.

Theology and Culturewith Bruce Ashford

Be challenged to consider how God relates to and cares about all aspects of life and learn how to interact with various aspects of culture in ways that are pleasing to God.

Evangelism in the Local Churchwith Chuck Lawless

Have you ever struggled with sharing the good news of Jesus with your friends, neighbors, family, or co-workers?

Christian Theologywith Scott Hildreth

Do you want to know more about God, His purpose in the world, and His plan for your life?

A biblical and theological examination of ethical issues related to wealth and poverty.

Work and Worshipwith Walter Strickland

Christ’s lordship extends beyond the walls of the church and into every realm of life, including the work of your hands

The History of Missionswith Scott Hildreth

Do you want to know God’s plan for your life? Sometimes the way forward is to see what God has done in the past.

The Practice of Missionswith Gregory Mathias

Discovering your role in God’s mission is not always easy, yet missions is part of the plan of God and is essential to the identity of God’s people, the church.