Rapid Recruiting and Ministry Realignment Course

This free training will help you...

✔ Quickly onboard new volunteers

✔ Retrain current volunteers for new roles

✔ Strategically reallocate ministry resources

✔ Audit your ministry's volunteer roles

✔ Adapt new volunteer descriptions

✔ Create weekly ministry checklists

✔ Simplify ministry processes

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Rapidly Recruit Volunteers and Realign Your Ministries

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Rapidly recruit volunteers and realign your ministries

Our current culture is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. That is why we have put together this free course on how to create a Rapid Recruiting Pipeline. This course covers 7 steps to respond with vision, understanding, clarity, and agility in your church. This training includes 8 videos and 25 downloadable documents to quickly onboard new volunteers, retrain current volunteers, and realign ministry resources. Here are just a few examples of the documents that are included:

  • Strategic Reallocation of Resources
  • Ministry Vulnerability Matrix
  • Ministry and Volunteer Audits
  • New and Adapted Volunteer Descriptions
  • Onboarding and Weekly Ministry Checklists
  • Simplifying Ministry Processes
  • And much more!

What Is Covered


Step 1: Strategic Realignment Framework


Step 2: Critical Vulnerabilities


Step 3: Ministry and Volunteer Audit


Step 4: New Roles and New Volunteers


Step 5: Simplifying Ministry Processes


Step 6: Rapid Onboarding and Development


Step 7: Components of Success

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