Unlimited Training and Possibilities for $399

For $399/year total, you get:

✔️ Unlimited storage to build your own courses

✔️ Unlimited users and admins

✔️ Unlimited possibilities to resource your church

✔️ Over 800 courses covering 30+ ministry areas 

✔️ Over 3,500 training videos

Get your church on the same page

Train your volunteers on new or updated policies and procedures

Resource your staff on new or updated ministry structures and responsibilities

In the midst of this COVID-19 season, your church is scattered and unable to gather together like normal. With Ministry Grid, you can get your entire church on the same page by sharing resources and training. Our hope is to help you continue to accomplish "equipping the saints for the work of the ministry" (Ephesians 4:12) even during social distancing.

Share digital access to Bible studies for groups and classes meeting online

Equip families in at-home discipleship

How churches are using Ministry Grid

With over 8,000 churches on Ministry Grid, here are a few of the ways they're using features and functionality.

Provide Theology and Leadership Courses

Curate Church-Wide Resources

Take this time to offer theology and leadership classes

Send church-specific Bible reading plans and devotional materials

Deliver Bible Study Content to Groups

Train Volunteers and Onboard New Leaders

Deliver Bible Study resources directly to any phone, tablet, or computer

Continue to equip the saints for the work of ministry with ministry-specific training and updates

Share Key Ministry Updates

Record and Share Customized Videos

Share key ministry updates and keep everyone on the same page

Add a quick video message from your pastor or ministry leader

Discipleship at Your Church's Fingertips

With digital access, you can deliver training and discipleship resources to your people right in their homes. This allows you to continue to disciple your people even when you can't all gather together. Your groups, leaders, and families will easily be able to access the resources you share with them.

Content Built for Customization

Not only can your people access content anywhere and at any time, but your church can customize exactly what they see. You can upload a video from your pastor, share a church-wide Bible reading plan, include your own discipleship resources, and so much more. It is totally up to you! With digital access, our entire content library can be customized to fit your church's context.

Design Personal Discipleship Experiences

Design a customized discipleship experience for individuals and groups. With Ministry Grid, you have the unique ability to curate exactly what training and resources your people see. When they log in, they will see the content that you have specifically designed for them. This makes it quick and easy for your people to access their customized discipleship content.

Unlimited access foronly $399 a year.

With this special offer, you get unlimited access to Ministry Grid's training library for just $399. No matter your size of church, the price and features are the same.

Train with Experienced Leaders

Every one of Ministry Grid’s 3,500+ training videos is lead by an experienced ministry leader who has been where you are now. Click below to explore more of our training content and speakers.

Carey Nieuwhof

H.B. Charles Jr.

Paul Tripp

Pastor, Author, and Speaker

Pastor, Author, and Speaker

Pastor, Author, and Speaker

Jenni Catron

Steve Gladen

Danny Franks

Author and Speaker



What Other Leaders are Saying about Ministry Grid

Hear how Ministry Grid is making an impact at these churches.

“For the first time in a long time, we had our team all on the same page. It was amazing to watch the Lord work through so many people who were ready to share the gospel.”

"My church at Connexus 

loves the tool and how 

it is developing our 

volunteers and leaders."

"We can now deliver training digitally through a single platform, track how individuals are progressing, and make changes to curriculum as we go."

Jami Wilhelm

Carey Nieuwhof

Keith Wieser 

Unlimited possibilities for $399/year.

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