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Kids ministry can shape the course of a person's entire life. That's why training is essential for all your kids volunteers and leaders in the practical knowledge and wisdom they need to walk alongside a child in his or her spiritual journey.

Kids Ministry

Andy Dukes, Klista Storts, and Melita Thomas from LifeWay Kids discusse how to teach all types of children as learners through eight approaches: visual, natural, musical, physical, logical, reflective, verbal, and relational. 

Sojourn Kids leaders, from Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, explore the basics of children's ministry policies and procedures, including volunteer covenants, expectations, check in and check out procedures, emergency preparedness, safety and security, managing classroom behavior, cleanliness, and more. 

Kids Ministry Leaders discuss what to know when working with students in 1st-6th grades. They examine the most effective methods for teaching lower-elementary students and effective procedures for teaching 4th-6th grade students. 




Jeffrey Reed discusses ways kids ministry leaders can make the most of their weekly group time, including assessing your group space, managing your group's time together, addressing behavior issues, sharing the gospel, and more. 

JT Witcher describes the basic qualities of volunteers, recruitment, and vision for kids ministry. 

Sojourn Kids leaders discuss glory, growth, and the Great Commission in every kids ministry lesson. 




Rachel Davila, Event Childcare Director at Sojourn Community Church, overviews the process that ministry leaders need to follow if they suspect a child has been abused or neglected, discusses how to minister to a child that has been a victim of abuse, and outlines safety procedures for protecting your ministry from accusation of inappropriate behavior. 

Jana Magruder examines how to create a kids ministry philosophy by focusing on the non-negotiable parts of your ministry through implementing a discipleship plan and framework for all ages.



Sojourn Kids leaders, from Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, discuss how to prepare children and students for baptism. Tips include an explanation of the bridge illustration, strategies for helping children and students write their testimonies, and how best to explain baptism. 




Jana Magruder discusses the need for building a team of volunteers in your kids ministry by having well trained volunteers with the goal of the volunteers showing support and sustainability. 

Chuck Peters examines how serving as a kids ministry director encompasses several administrative tasks and oversight such as the amount of time actually spent with the kids verses the expectation.


Chuck Peters encourages new kids ministry directors to survey and assess their ministry before taking action or making changes. Th six action steps are: 1. Assess the situation. 2. Determine a destination. 3. Plan with determination. 4. Act without hesitation. 5. Work with dedication. 6. Pause for celebration. 

Kids Ministry Training for Every Level


Whether you are looking to train your volunteers, leaders, or staff, we have the training and materials that will help fuel your ministry.

Jana Magruder discusses how ministering to the whole family is the most effective discipleship plan and framework for your church by following three approaches–philosophy, approach, and content. 

With a library of over 3,500 videos and 800 courses, find training for every ministry area and leadership level. From volunteers to leaders to ministry directors, our scope and sequence of training makes it easy to know who needs what training. And it is all customizable to fit your church’s context.

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