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A visitor's first impression at your church can pave the way for gospel transformation. Discover how greeters and ushers can minimize distraction and create a welcoming environment in the worship center.

Entry Team

Danny Franks, Connections Pastor at The Summit Church, examines how showing hospitality to guests at your church paves the way for gospel transformation. Danny discusses the why of guest services teams, guest follow up, what the details of your church communicate to guests, and how to be personal with guests without making them feel singled out.

Danny Franks discusses how God gifts all believers within the church to serve and how service should thrive from a person's passions, not guilt.

Danny Franks encourages Christians to find the best place to serve within their church and examines how to fit volunteers within guest services teams. He examines necessary characteristics and abilities to fulfill roles on your church’s various guest services teams and suggests that guest services team members attend and engage during one service then serve and engage during another service. 




Danny Franks, Connections Pastor at The Summit Church, discusses the role of seating teams, how to fill your seats from front and center, and how to equip volunteers with a plan and resources to minimize distractions and welcome guests to worship services. He provides practical tactics for your seating team to utilize and describes the best ways to determine how many volunteers your church needs as well as formulate and execute a seating plan. 

Danny Franks discusses how to address and respond to difficult situations that may arise on your guest services teams, including re-launching ministry teams, angry volunteers, service disruptions, planning for special needs and emergencies, creating an accessible environment, safety and security, handling first time guests, and more.

Danny Franks discusses shepherding, administration, discipleship, personal growth, and apprenticing in the role of a team leader for guest services. 




Danny Franks, Connections Pastor at The Summit Church, discusses how to troubleshoot common issues with volunteers and guest services teams. Danny examines volunteer roles and fits, volunteer burnout, casting ministry vision, recruiting and interviewing volunteers, establishing a culture of hospitality, and more. 

Danny Franks encourages leaders who oversee guest services teams by casting and communicating vision through study, contextualization, plumb lines, collaboration, and communication, encouraging a culture of hospitality, equipping their teams to effectively serve in their ministry roles, and preparing leaders to be visionary, and not reactionary.




Entry Team Training for Every Level

Whether you are looking to train your volunteers, leaders, or staff, we have the training and materials that will help fuel your ministry.

Danny Franks examines how to build your guest services ministry through team structure, ministry roles and ratios, volunteer needs, leadership development, and dreaming. 

With a library of over 3,500 videos and 800 courses, find training for every ministry area and leadership level. From volunteers to leaders to ministry directors, our scope and sequence of training makes it easy to know who needs what training. And it is all customizable to fit your church’s context.

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"We use Ministry Grid for discipleship and leadership training. We offer our membership class, and it has become a highly valuable tool for us. I recommend it to every church leader I meet.

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"We can now deliver training digitally through a single platform, track how individuals are progressing, and make changes to curriculum as we go."

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