See how Ministry Grid works

Discipleship at Your Church's Fingertips

With digital access, you can deliver training and discipleship resources to your people right in their homes. This allows you to continue to disciple your people even when you can't all gather together. Your groups, leaders, and families will easily be able to access the resources you share with them.

Content Built for Customization

Not only can your people access content anywhere and at any time, but your church can customize exactly what they see. You can upload a video from your pastor, share a church-wide Bible reading plan, include your own discipleship resources, and so much more. It is totally up to you! With digital access, our entire content library can be customized to fit your church's context.

Design Personal Discipleship Experiences

Design a customized discipleship experience for individuals and groups. With Ministry Grid, you have the unique ability to curate exactly what training and resources your people see. When they log in, they will see the content that you have specifically designed for them. This makes it quick and easy for your people to access their customized discipleship content.

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