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What Are Church Leaders Saying About Digital Curriculum?

“[This] was a great tool for us and was simple to use for our people.”

“It was a great support for me as a children’s minister but also for our families.”

“[It] allowed our families to teach their kids and continue discipleship in their homes.”




Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to switch to a monthly subscription?

If you have a recurring digital curriculum order and currently use My Curriculum Manager, yes. You must choose to move your subscription to Ministry Grid. Your existing recurring digital curriculum order will no longer be placed, beginning with the fall 2021 Bible study quarter, and we cannot transfer you automatically to the new system.

What will happen to my Recurring Order?

If you currently have digital studies in your recurring order, those resources will no longer be set to recur. In order to continue receiving digital studies automatically, you must create a subscription. Printed items in your recurring order will continue unaffected by this change.

What is happening to My Curriculum Manager?

My Curriculum Manager (MCM) is phasing out. It’s an old tool that has served us well, but it’s time you had a simpler way to access, manage, and use your digital Bible studies. Switching will only take a couple of minutes, and we guarantee you’ll love it. Additionally, the studies you currently have available in My Curriculum Manager will still be available to you for 13 months after their original purchase date.

Why Ministry Grid?

In short, it’s much easier to use than My Curriculum Manager—and custom-built with discipleship in mind! The platform allows you to purchase, manage, and administrate your digital curriculum in one place. There is simply no easier way to manage your digital discipleship and communicate with your leaders. You can even train your leaders while you’re there. We think you’ll love it!

What if I only need one copy of a digital resource? Do I still need to subscribe?

Digital resources can be purchased “a la carte” any time at, except for kids curriculum. Lifeway’s digital kids curriculum can only be purchased via monthly subscriptions.

Do monthly subscriptions contain a full quarter of study?

Monthly subscriptions provide rolling, weekly access and make thirteen sessions available at a time: the current week’s sessions, the next eight sessions, and the previous four. Your subscription is updated weekly to ensure you always have the sessions you need, whether you’re on schedule, playing catch up, or planning ahead.

What is the difference between basic and plus subscriptions?

The basic subscription tier covers all your basic weekly needs for both leaders and participants. Plus subscriptions introduce extras to enhance leader preparation, class participation, and for kids ministry an extra hour of content.

Are monthly subscriptions cheaper than my current recurring digital order?

For many customers, yes! Monthly subscriptions often provide a monetary savings over your previous quarterly digital recurring order. Even if it’s not explicitly less expensive for you, all monthly subscription customers will enjoy greater value than before as the new subscription packages contain more robust product offerings than were previously available at the same price point when purchasing individually.

How do I determine the correct pricing tier?

Subscription prices are based on your average weekly attendance, not your total roll or membership count. We only want you to pay for what you use week to week.

What if I need help making the change?

Our customer care team would love to assist you. Start the conversation here.

What do I choose if I'm using The Gospel Project Volumes 1-11?

Purchase your next volume of The Gospel Project at Once you are logged in, you will click the “Schedule” tab and then “Reset Schedule” in the blue box. Follow the instructions to start with any available volume. Learn more.

What do I choose if I've purchased an Annual Digital Bundle?

Annual Digital Bundle customers will be automatically migrated over to Ministry Grid for the duration of their 13-month subscription. Your administrator will be notified via letter and email with login information. If you have not received your login instructions, please contact our technical support team at 866-627-8553. Learn more.

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