A brand-new way to experience Lifeway’s curriculum

Whether your ministries are meeting in person or online, the one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is making sure your Bible study curriculum is easily accessible. Make disciples no matter where you're meeting using Lifeway’s Bible studies in a brand-new digital experience on Ministry Grid.

Digital Discipleship Built for Real Churches

Using Ministry Grid's simple, churchwide online platform, digital curriculum makes it easier than ever to:

Design personalized discipleship experiences: Curate, customize, and create content based on your church’s needs.

Distribute relevant resources to leaders: Includes Bible study content and training all in one place, with simple sharing through in-app emails or links.

Disciple the people you serve in person or at home: Resources are designed to help you study the Bible in a group and apply what you’ve studied in a family worship experience.

All of these features were built with one goal in mind: to help you disciple your church members in a digital world.

What Can You Do with Digital Curriculum?

Digital curriculum features the same relatable, biblical content as printed studies but with unparalleled value and flexibility, and gives you everything you need in one place:

Design Ministry Experiences

Organize Church-Wide Resources

Organize your studies and church-wide resources to use the right session at the right time

Design your ministry experience by incorporating original content into your Bible study sessions

Deliver Digital Bible Studies

Update Your Leaders through the App

Deliver the right Bible studies to the right leaders and group members

Update your leaders and group members quickly and easily through in-app emails

No more tedious administrative tasks, no more uploading to file-sharing sites, and no more DIY websites!

What Bible Studies Are Available Through Ministry Grid?

All of Lifeway's Bible study curriculums are available for all ages. You can subscribe to:

See How Digital Curriculum Works

What Are Church Leaders Saying About Digital Curriculum?

“[This] was a great tool for us and was simple to use for our people.”

“It was a great support for me as a children’s minister but also for our families.”

“[It] allowed our families to teach their kids and continue discipleship in their homes.”




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With this new digital curriculum, you can easily deliver weekly Bible study content into the homes of all your people. Take advantage of our introductory pricing and subscribe to Lifeway’s new digital curriculum experience today!

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