The Church Planter Candidate Assessment (CPCA) is a statistically validated online assessment which helps potential church planters and their respective organizations identify areas of established strength and other areas needing development as they prepare to plant a church.

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If you are taking the CPCA with a church planting organization, contact them first.

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Results are then shared with you and with your organization when applicable.

The CPCA includes the following evaluation instruments:



A validated self-assessment measuring over 30 different personal characteristics important to successful church planting. The more you understand about yourself before you plant, the better prepared you will be.

The CPCA 360° Assessment is an opportunity for you to invite six people (including a spouse or fiancé if applicable) to provide feedback about you to a church planting organization. You will not see these results.



This short questionnaire helps bring clarity to how much risk the potential planter is taking and to opportunities to lessen that risk before beginning the church plant.

This simple tool will help you share your practical “nuts and bolts” experience in the key systems found in many church plants. It also serves as an excellent ongoing coaching and team-building tool. 



Transformational discipleship is a journey that progresses differently for each follower of Jesus Christ. The Discipleship Pathway Assessment is a validated assessment tool measuring your spiritual formation.

The Spiritual Gifts Survey is a basic tool to help planters think about the areas of ministry and service in the local church where you may be most comfortable serving and where you may be particularly gifted. 


The CPCA version of the DISC is designed to give insight into your personality and how you will approach different facets of church planting. Every potential planter is a mix of all four styles represented by the four letters.

The CPCA is delivered through Ministry Grid.


In-depth qualitative research provided the initial foundation by identifying the experiences and practices of 30 of the best church planting assessment experts.


This tool is designed to serve as a solid "initial indicator" -- reliably testing for measurable characteristics found in the majority of successful church planters.


The research was designed to provide an assessment tool that identifies characteristics that are both statistically reliable and practically valid.

Assessments Built for Church Planters

The Church Planter Candidate Assessment (CPCA)  goal is to create an objective online assessment tool which assists church planting agencies in determining the readiness and/or probability of success of prospective church planting candidates. 

The CPCA Methodology

One of the greatest responsibilities of any church planting organization is the evaluation and development of potential church planters. Church planting organizations have taken this responsibility seriously by developing formal assessment processes for these candidates – processes that depend on objective evaluation rather than hunches or gut feelings.

For the last decade, Lifeway Research has provided the CPCA as a statistically validated tool for assessing church planting candidates. The CPCA was carefully developed using a research driven process. The assessment identifies characteristics that are both statistically reliable and practically valid.

The CPCA specifically measures church planting characteristics and is one of the tools in the suite of CPCA tools (see CPCA Instruments).

The CPCA evaluates a series of characteristics that serve as an initial indicator of a potential planter's strengths and weaknesses. Each characteristic is measured using a group of 3 or more questions whose underlying structure describes a single factor called a scale.

The CPCA currently has more than 30 reliable scales. Each scale describes a specific church planter characteristic. Many of these characteristics also prove predictive of church growth and new commitments to Jesus Christ.

The tool is designed to serve as a solid “initial indicator” -- reliably measuring characteristics found in the majority of successful church planters.

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