Free Training, Documents, and Checklists to Lead Your Church through the Coronavirus

With the spread of the coronavirus, we want to help churches take the appropriate measures to plan, prepare, and protect their people from the pandemic. In this free training, you will find practical videos, ministry-specific checklists, ready-to-use documents, and a sample pandemic policy all for you to contextualize for your church.

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Lead Your Church through a Pandemic




Learn more about what to include in your plan, phases of implementation, attendance metrics to monitor, how to alter common weekly ministry practices, and what to do should you need to cancel Sunday services. You may also download several sample documents and checklists, including a sample pandemic response policy, suggestions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), best hygiene practices, cleaning considerations, and a well child policy.

When your group can't meet in person, how do you cultivate community and spiritual growth? Learn how to study Scripture, encourage discussion and application, and meet benevolent needs as a group in the digital space. 

Digital pastoral care sounds strange, doesn't it? In the digital age, we have options available to continue caring for our church members, even when we can't visit in person. Learn how to facilitate pastoral and benevolent care in a digital world. 

Working remotely has become increasing popular, but what does it mean for the church? Learn how to equip your church staff and ministry leaders in the day-to-day operations of your church when work happens outside your office or building.

If you livestream your church service, people can join in worship and preaching, even if they're on vacation or haven't yet stepped foot inside your church. Learn more about how a livestream option serves your church members when you can't gather in person and provides an evangelistic opportunity for guests. 

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