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Cynicism. Compromise. Disconnection. Irrelevance. Pride. Burnout. Emptiness. No leader expects these things to happen to them, but there's a high likelihood they will experience one or more. Carey Nieuwhof examines seven success killers in leadership and encourages leaders with an antidote to these common challenges and issues.

As a leader, do you do everything yourself? Do you make all decisions and complete the tasks? What could happen in your leadership and ministry if you get out of the way and release others in what God has equipped and empowered them to do? Carey Nieuwhof examines growth barriers that often hold back and keep leaders from fulfilling their full potential. Carey discusses seven things leaders who multiply leaders know and do to better reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are a leader, you will lead change. If you don’t keep pace with change, you will become irrelevant. And in our churches, the stakes are even higher because our mission doesn’t change but our methods must. So, how do you lead change? Carey Nieuwhof provides leaders five ways to lead change without losing it.

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