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Bible Studies for Life


As churches across the U.S. and around the world cancel worship services and gatherings, we do not have to cancel discipleship in our families and communities. 

Because of this, LifeWay is offering our Bible Studies for Life curriculum to churches, groups, and families for FREE during this uncertain season. 

Digital curriculum will help you maintain discipleship during social distancing because it is easy to:

  • Share via email or social media
  • Access on computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Customize with your own content, discussion questions, etc. 
  • Use with discipleship groups via Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, or Zoom Meetings
  • Print and deliver to those who cannot access digitally

We are asking that churches sign up first* so that they can distribute this curriculum to their group leaders and families. The process is fast and free—no strings attached.



Churches Can Get Access in 3 Quick Steps

Set up your church's organization

In order to share this digital curriculum with your people, you will need to create a Ministry Grid organization that allows you to organize and share curriculum.

View and customize the curriculum to fit your church

All of the digital curriculum provided is completely customizable to fit your church's context. So view, find, and customize the curriculum that works best for your church.

Once the Session is ready to share, simply share an Easy Link or send your families an email so they can access the digital Bible Studies for Life curriculum on any device.

Share curriculum with families to access at home




*If you’re a volunteer or lay leader, we ask that you share this page to a member of your church staff and ask that they sign up first. This helps us provide the best partnership and distribution of discipleship materials during this season.

Family Discipleship at

Your Church's Fingertips

With this digital curriculum, you can still deliver weekly curriculum to your families right in their home. These curriculum sessions have been edited to fit an at-home-discipleship model. Your parents and leaders will easily be able to walk through the curriculum you share with them.

100% Free

100% Trustworthy

At LifeWay, our goal is to provide the church with trustworthy content, and during this difficult season for churches, we are offering our curriculum completely free to churches who want to access it and share it with their people. As our churches remained closed on Sunday, we are committed to helping you deliver trustworthy resources to your people right in their home, for free.

Curriculum That is Built for Customization

Not only can your leaders access this curriculum anywhere and at anytime, but your church can choose exactly what they see. You can add a video from your pastor at the beginning and include your own Bible reading plan. It is totally up to you! This free digital curriculum can be customized to fit your church's context.

No strings attached!

Just sign your church up and begin to share this free curriculum with your people.