Adult Sunday School Leader Training

Equip your Adult Sunday school volunteers and leaders with the training that is right for them.


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Provide your adult Sunday School leaders with the practical advice and encouragement they need on everything from Bible study content to group dynamics. Unpack the essential skills of teaching an adult Sunday School group, including how to teach for life change and strengthen Bible teaching.

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Adult Sunday School

Members and leaders alike wonder about the purpose of Sunday School. David Apple explores Adult Sunday School’s foundation by describing the job, vision, and values and shows Sunday School to be a tool in God’s hands mobilizing adults to do the work of the church.

We know it’s powerful to take part in Sunday School, but sometimes we lose focus. David Apple examines the importance of participating in and inviting people to Sunday School to grow in discipleship as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Every member plays a role within the Sunday School class. David Apple examines benefits of participation, how to invite others, how to care for one another, hospitality, prayer, and the importance of "open" groups. 




The importance of the Sunday School teacher cannot be underemphasized. However, their role sometimes is unclear. David Apple explores how a teacher is a shepherd, facilitator, and leader and also examines tools to help teach God's Word in Adult Sunday School.

Great teachers. We all have an idea of what this means, but what does it truly take to be influential teachers of God’s Word? David Apple discusses characteristics of great teacher and also explores opportunities, challenges, and possibilities teachers must recognize to help people apply God's Word and serve and grow through Adult Sunday School. 

To teach effectively we must prepare adequately, connect with the people we're teaching, guide application of God's Word, and utilize various teaching methods to keep people engaged. David Apple provides specific tips for preparation, application, and managing class time and also suggests resources and teaching methods to help your Adult Sunday School class learn and apply God's Word to their lives. 




Your Adult Sunday School classes help your church to make disciples. What's your strategy to ensure you're doing so? David Apple examines the importance of Bible teaching, evangelism, member care, and metrics for your Adult Sunday School.

Sunday School classes are typically taught by volunteer workers, but knowing qualifications for workers is challenging. David Apple discusses qualifications for Adult Sunday School teachers and provides a four-step process to train and equip new volunteers and teachers.

Some of our Sunday School teachers are deeply gifted, and we want to fuel their gifts. David Apple explores how this can present both opportunities and challenges of managing Adult Sunday School and offers practical tips in response. 




Adult Sunday School Training for Every Level

Whether you are looking to train your volunteers, leaders, or staff, we have the training and materials that will help fuel your ministry.

With a library of over 3,500 videos and 800 courses, find training for every ministry area and leadership level. From volunteers to leaders to ministry directors, our scope and sequence of training makes it easy to know who needs what training. And it is all customizable to fit your church’s context.

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“For the first time in a long time, we had our team all on the same page. It was amazing to watch the Lord work through so many people who were ready to share the gospel.”

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"We use Ministry Grid for discipleship and leadership training. We offer our membership class, and it has become a highly valuable tool for us. I recommend it to every church leader I meet.

Keith Wieser 

"We can now deliver training digitally through a single platform, track how individuals are progressing, and make changes to curriculum as we go."

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